How to choose fleece blanket

//How to choose fleece blanket

How to choose fleece blanket

How to choose right fleece blanket? Following is my personal suggestion.

1. Where is it used?

Blanket can be used for home,for hotel,for hospital and for outdoor etc. For home you may need thick and soft one, for hotel and hospital you may don’t need to be thick,but need to be economical and simple color.For outdoor blanket need to be waterproof.

2. Choosing Material 

Blanket have Cotton,Polyester,Acrylic,and some in mixed material like Polyester/Cotton, the most economic is polyster fleece blanket.

3. Choosing the Right Size of Blanket 

Blanket can make into different size, usually size is make to order, such as queen size blanket , queen size blankets , soft queen size blanket , knitted queen size blankets , single size blankets , double size blankets,King size blanket etc.

4.Choosing the Right Weight(GSM) of Blanket

Different usage blanket have different weight, and even same kind fleece blankt also have different weight, it affect the price. Usually blanket weight will be described by fabric GSM, such as 200GSM,250GSM,300GSM etc.

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